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We recommend Elyxa Magnesium if you:

  • Suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Have muscle cramps and tightness
  • Are experiencing insomnia and sleep difficulties


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What our customer's think

"I used to get cramps in the back of my legs. The pain would wake me up and I would hold my breath until it subsided. My yelp even woke my partner. Not since Elyxa Magnesium. No more cramps. No more disturbed sleep - for either of us."

Lou Lou, Brooklyn NSW

Quentin Strauli, Founder

Made in Australia

Vegan & Vegetarian safe



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Faaiuga Tai

Great product

Ryan Kisner
Happy Customer! Elyxa Magnesium

I have been using this Magnesium for a little while now and have had amazing results. I live an extremely physical and active lifestyle at work and in the gym, and this magnesium has reduced my recovery time, helped with muscle soreness, as well as helped me sleep. I would strongly recommend this product to everyone!


I've been using this magnesium for a while now. For my job, I'm always on my feet, my job is very physical, i get aches by the end of the day. Before I go to bed every single night, I take this to relax my whole body and to help me sleep. I'm very happy with it.

Luke Grunow
Great Product!!!

"I used to get cramps in my legs and feet after being on them a lot of
the day, since I have been taking Elyxa Magnesium these cramps and
pain have gone, my sleep has also improved.! Great product and Highly Recommended!"

Excellent quality product.

I take this 20 minutes before going to bed allowing me to fall into a beautiful deep sleep.
I have found taking this regularly Elyxa magnesium is very restorative on a cellular and muscular level allowing you to completely relax. I highly recommend this Excellent organic quality product..

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