Embracing Natural Living with Elyxa – in conversation with Emma Scott

Elyxa natural supplement – Gut

Today we interviewed Emma Scott, the co-founder of natural perfume collective Sensoriam, all about her experience in going natural.

Why is natural living important to you?

At age 29 I was diagnosed with an inflammation condition. After many years of seeking relief through mainstream channels, it wasn't until I embraced natural healing modalities that I finally healed. I realised that I needed a whole body solution, and actually a big part of my healing was detoxing my liver, which I did naturally through foods and supplements.

What do you do?

I'm the co-founder of an online natural perfume store. My business partner and I travel the world to uncover the best natural perfumes, made with true artistry and devoid of any harmful ingredients.

What is your daily routine like?

I now have a daily practice that consists of getting into nature, meditation, eating unprocessed foods, and The Elyxa products are part of my natural healing protocol. I love them.

What do you love about Elyxa Products?

I love that they are all natural, with no fillers or artificial ingredients. They are made from whole foods and made with such integrity by Quentin Strauli, a highly respected naturopath.

Which is your favourite Elyxa product?

It's definitely the Elyxa Gut product, a prebiotic formula made from a recipe of 25 gut healing whole foods. It's been incredible for my digestion.

How did you hear about Elyxa?

I first heard about Elyxa through a friend who recommended the supplements. She sees the founder Quentin Strauli, a naturopath and natural healer, regularly and the Elyxa supplements are part of her health regime.

What's your dream for the future?

To inspire others to better health and happiness by sharing my own journey to wellbeing. 



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